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SUMMER 2020 : Villard de Lans - Mountain wellness fair in the Vercors

The wellness fair: A reconnection to yourself, infinitely!

For the 4th time, Villard de Lans will host a lounge designed for you, dedicated to reconnecting to yourself, infinitely! Because you are the most important person ...
All year long you run, you forget yourself to think only of others, the family, the organization of everyday life, how about thinking of yourself? These two days are there to allow you to take a coiled break in well-being and a return to basics: a return to yourself!
During these two days, you will have the opportunity to stroll, discover, take care of yourself, participate in conferences and workshops, deepen your knowledge, exchange, share with passionate professionals who will share their activity, their products, and send you their passion and their know-how.
How about if these two days of well-being fair in July were an opportunity for you to take a break, reconnect with yourself, take care of yourself, open up with curiosity, marvel, exchange, share in all kindness? Come in flip flops, sneakers, under your cap, simply as you are! You will be welcomed, informed, listened to and pampered…
You will be able to meet various and varied practitioners: magnetizer, floritherapist, kinesiologist, medium, sophrologist ... and discover equally varied stands of gemology, treatments turned to massages, magnetism, relaxation ... or even sales creative products, energy jewelry, natural, or aesthetic, organic products, essential oils, organic food ...
Come and deepen your knowledge and share it ... what could be better than meeting each exhibitor according to its specificity, following the conferences that question you and that you like, and participating in the workshops ?!
Unique encounters
So many professionals, therapists ready to welcome you, listen to you, inform you, pamper you!
It’s good because the well-being salon in Villard de Lans is on a human scale, that it is authentic and warm, in the heart of the Vercors mountains, a place where life is so good.
This year will be turned towards creativity, sharing, kindness and reconnection to oneself, infinitely!
No matter that you are on vacation, residents, staying after the Tour de France, passing through, you will be greeted with joy and kindness for this moment Well-being in the heart of summer!

INAUGURATION WITH COCKTAIL: Saturday at 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. - A word from the new organizer of the Elisabeth Sabon fair and that of Isabelle Bourdeau, the creator of the fair, 6 years ago. Speech by our elected officials and representatives who have welcomed us since 2015 at the Villard de Lans dome. Meeting between exhibitors with aperitifs and local products.

Over 30 STANDS: Magnetism, Naturopathy, Sophrology, Floritherapy, Lithotherapy, Access Bars, Divinatory Arts, Meditation, Laughter Yoga, Aloe Vera, Neurofeedback, Health Coaching, Tibetan Bowls, Energetics, Art Therapy, Natural and Organic Cosmetics, Art and painting, Vercors literature ... and many other tools and techniques to discover during these 2 days.

CONFERENCES: A program of free conferences open to all on the site, given by each exhibitor, will allow a more targeted and in-depth approach with all knowledge for the most curious.

WORKSHOPS: Experiment on site with methods and tools in the form of interactive meetings, some workshops require an additional contribution (see the program).

- A catering service will be available both days, on site or to take away, outside the dome.
- Organic snack (coffee, tea, homemade fruit cocktail), Crêpe or waffle…

CULTURE and LITERATURE: Exhibitions of paintings and works by artists from Vercors or representing Vercors and the region.

Lien : Salon du bien-être en montagne

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